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scritch - limited edition chapbook # 1 - 100


scritch - limited edition chapbook # 1 - 100


scritch is a collection of thirty poems written between Serena Braida, Vera Chok, and Gloria Sanders. It is a response to the period March 22nd to May 23rd 2017.

“The thing I need to present at [the venue] is to do with [the book]. What do you say if I propose something loose as a theme, like 'anger'? I don't know if you know #LossLit on twitter but I always feel a bit uncomfortable about "loss" and am a bit more interested in anger. Or things that seem unfair. Small or big things. Puerile or philosophical. I wonder what would happen if we had to respond to the word "anger" on a daily basis…And obvs the writing doesn't have to be angry in any way. I guess I'm interested in our relationship to the word and concept and feeling.” 

Scritch was born when two parallel collaborative practices - Vera and I, Gloria and Vera - became a single flux of emails. A way of keeping each other writing, flexing our muscles and showing and telling each other. Also a singular kind of letter writing, an act of friendship, openness and love - our loving, elastic poetries reaching out to each other. When we started we tried to give ourselves a theme, words we could respond to. I suggested we looked at the news: none of us could look at the news without feeling the itch and the scratch, the anger the terror the critical outlook, the insurgence, and in the centre of it all, our bodies. Scritch is an exercise in reaction, jam stains, grassy dirt on your jeans, memory and holler. Self-care and flavour. A beautiful place. - SB

Two months ago we started to write to each other using any words in the order we happened to need in that moment. Pleasing to the reader, perhaps more so than the writer, the provocation of an anger-laced scratching and itching, (itchenor, scratchenor, itch and scratch and itch some more) sometimes led me to uncomfortable output. Personally I found discomfort in truth, in shame, and in the constant fear that an anger captured 'now' might hang around and get too big for its boots having been useful to me somehow. We are sometimes riding through lines that tie us together, always writing for each other automatically and without censorship, maybe secretly doing so to be able to receive back the poetry of two women whose writing makes me feel itchy all over, in a really, really, good way. – GS

SERENA BRAIDA is a poet, writer and vocalist writing both in Italian and English. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hotel, Nuovi ArgomentiCORDA, Birkbeck blogs and others, and is featured in literary nonfiction anthology Quello che hai amato (UTET 2015). Performances have included Goldsmiths LitLive, European Poetry Night and the Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Room. 

VERA CHOK is a poet, writer, and performance maker. She co-authored The Good Immigrant (Book of the Year 2016, BBC Book of the Week; #1 on Guardian Books and Amazon bestseller lists), and has written for The Guardian. Vera’s poetic text has been published by Brain Mill Press, Rising, Transect, The Brautigan Free Press, and Yauatcha Life. 

GLORIA SANDERS is a performer and poet, recently completing a residency training in Historic Fool. She thrives on collaboration and questions. Work includes RNIB Talking Books, Time Will Tell's Dracula at Whitby Abbey, The Clock - a one woman show about shadows, fear, and secrets, and she is the voice of the Bellarmine and the Thimble in Found by Sarah Blake for Cabinets of Curiosity. Her poetry has appeared in Belleville Park Pages and her Seville collection Black Garlic, Melon Heart is on the way, inspired by a postcard poem dialogue with Vera Chok. 


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