Actor, Writer & Performance Maker

7:00 pm19:00

"I don't see race" - Housman's Radical Bookshop

I'm curating a panel discussion at Housmans: 

I don't see race - An informal discussion around skin colour politics, (in)visibility and the intersection between race and gender.

Included is a brief reading from The Good Immigrant. Guests include:

Jennifer Lim is an actor, filmmaker, a founding member of British East Asian Artists and co-founder of Moongate Productions - a multimodal creative hub committed to developing quality projects that raise the profile of East Asian talent whilst challenging stereotypical portrayals. @xanadujenn

Jules Orcullo is a Filipina-Australian artist and theatre-maker interested in real-time togetherness, our relationships with our bodies, and crossed cultural lines. In 2017, she’s touring phroot sahlad, an Aussie comedy about female sexual dysfunction and cross-cultural experience. @JulesOrcullo

Julia Thanh is a British-born Londoner interested in multiculturalism and representation among minority groups. Thanh uses photography to discover the identity and experience of the second generation British Vietnamese in London. Insta: @vietlondoners

Details HERE.

7:00 pm19:00

Greg Wohead Work In Progress

First Drafts is a festival at The Yard. Over twenty artists perform new ideas in front of an audience for the first time. The lineup will include Company 3 (formerly Islington Community Theatre), Greg Wohead and Rachael Young.

Details HERE.

Sep 10

Festival No 6

Details of the festival here. Exact time of The Good Immigrant event TBC.

7:00 pm19:00

Voices At The Table - Reading

A curated evening of readings and performances around food. SOLD OUT.

I'm very pleased to be reading new work alongside these people:

Bee Wilson ­– acclaimed food writer, historian and author

Kit de Waal – author of debut novel My Name is Leon, a Times and international best seller, shortlisted for the Costa First Book Award

Helena Lee – Features Editor at Harper’s Bazaar

Iskandar Sharazuddin – playwright and winner of the Soho Young Writers Award
Jen Calleja – writer, poet, punk band member and translator in residence at The British Library, reading her translation of an unpublished German text

Thom Eagle – writer, sketcher, pickler and chef

Bethany Rutter – writer, podcaster and marketing manager at a plus size fashion brand

Dawn Foster – journalist and author of Lean Out published by Repeater

Irwin Sparkes – actor, songwriter and lead singer of the band The Hoosiers

Plus cocktails from Our/London, cheese & charcuterie, iced buns from Puns & Buns, and books by Review Books. Food and a welcome drink are included in the ticket price.

Details HERE.

Jun 3

LIVEwire Salon, Byline Festival

PSYCHED to be part of Salena Godden's line up for Byline Festival, the first festival to celebrate independent journalism and free speech! It features a range of acts and speakers from a variety of artforms and disciplines. Salena is Poet Laureate of the Festival, which takes place in West Sussex from 2-4 June. 
The LIVEwire Salon will showcase poetry's rebels and renegades. YASSSSS! Use discount code SGBYFEST to book. Details HERE.

8:00 pm20:00

House of Idiot

I'll be doing a 10 min set at House of Idiot, Market House, Brixton. This is a lovely alternative comedy night showcasing experimental, exciting fun. Catch Edinburgh previews, too. And's FREE.

Details of the series HERE.

May 10

Cabaret from the Shadows, Brighton Fringe

Exceptionally pleased to be stepping into Theatre Pomodoro's bouffon and clown piece, Cabaret from the Shadows. Totally in line with my politics and comedic sensibilities, I am honoured to be playing with friends from Gaulier! Details HERE.

7:30 pm19:30

Smut Slam

Based on my work around sex positivity and intersectional feminism, I will be one of the judges at Smut Slam, an evening of real life sex storytelling. Details HERE.

Smut Slam is co-produced by Dave Pickering and Stand Up Tragedy and hosted by Cameryn Moore.

"You know what a poetry slam is, and maybe you know about story slams, too. Now it’s time for London's first-ever SMUT SLAM, a fast-paced storytelling open mic based on real life, real lust, real sex. The Smut Slam features real-life, first-person sex stories, guest stories from our panel of celebrity judges, and also THE FUCKBUCKET, a convenient and funnily named receptacle for all your anonymous questions and confessions."

3:00 pm15:00


A performance of new writing piece, Loophole, at Tristan Bates Theatre. Strong language. Details here.

The Loophole by Alice Malin at the FIRST festival

What would happen if one woman brought down the stock market? 
Maria works in a stockbrokers' firm. She cleans the gents' toilets. 
'I think things have got a bit out of hand.'
A surreal parable about the madness of the markets.

8:00 pm20:00

Dinner Time: Comedy is Served, Bristol

University of Bristol Comedy Society, Bristol Improv and Pravanya Pillay are producing a comedy evening. I'll be there doing a little set. 

Venue: Pegg Theatre, Richmond Building, Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1LN

9:00 pm21:00

Off The Page - The Good Immigrant

I was invited to curate a The Good Immigrant spin-off event for the gorgeous new Tara Theatre building. Guests include The Good Immigrant contributors Coco Khan and Varaidzo, and short responses from Jules Orcullo, Vik Sivalingam, and Krystian Godlewski.

Details and booking information HERE.

8:00 pm20:00

Uncle Glen's Menagerie

Top actors who have a script + super improvisers who don't = funtimes. So pleased to be a part of this new format. Come along to The Comedy Room in Camden. Info HERE.

7:30 pm19:30

New Soviet World, Royal Academy

RA Lates invite you to experience the futuristic idealism of 1920s Soviet Russia.

Following our performance at Pushkin House, I am proud to be performing a new version of The Blue Blouse and excerpts of Victory Over the Sun with the legendary, cult (!), lovely, company, The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor at the Royal Academy.

We will be performing at 7.30pm and again at 9.30pm. The whole day will be filled with related events curated by the RA. Details HERE.

7:00 pm19:00

Seesaw at Housmans

I will be sharing new poetic writing at Housmans with Serena Braida, Livia Franchini, Gloria Sanders and flautist Rehana Browne.

We will be sharing mostly new work around ideas of collaboration, communication/community, vulnerability, arts politics, and identity. The first half will show solo work and the second, collaborations.

Venue: Housmans, Kings Cross


8:00 pm20:00

Worst Date Ever - Anti-Valentine Special

Always super pleased to perform at anything produced by Simpson and Varjack, makers of The Anti-Slam. WORST. DATE. EVER at Camden People's Theatre is a night of performances and silly games for people of all relationship statuses, sexualities and genders. Proud to be on stage with a fantastic line up of comedians, theatre makers, spoken word and performance artists.

Tickets and more info HERE.

6:20 pm18:20


I am extremely pleased to be performing at a rehearsed reading of Borderland, co-written by Prasanna Puwarnarajah and Stephanie Street. There will be nightly readings through the week but I will be on on Sunday.

Double bill, Borderland//Calais, is a blunt telling of the truths of forced relocation.
Through verbatim responses and the Refugee Rights Data Project this is an alarming analysis of the last days of the Calais Refugee Camp.

Details HERE.

7:30 pm19:30

Poetry Anti-Slam: Anti-Valentine Special

Wow! I'm on a roll! After judging the Oxford Anti-Slam recently, I will now be being judgemental at the London Anti-Valentine special! Come along!

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time for heartfelt sentiment and loving feelings – best expressed through beautiful poetry. The Anti-Slam turns that on its head for an Anti-Valentine’s Day slam! In a normal poetry slam competition, the highest scoring poet wins. At The Anti-Slam, the worst poet wins! We’ve challenged London’s top poets to be hilariously terrible. Laugh-out-loud embarrassing. Entertainingly cringe worthy. Poetry so bad it transcends quality, becoming genius – all given an Anti-Valentine’s twist. 

More information HERE. Tickets HERE.

7:00 pm19:00

2017 Oxford Anti-Slam

I'm BACK!!! But this time to JUDGE! After winning the 2016 Oxford Anti-Slam with terrific terribleness, and being the third best/most entertaining in the country at destroying poetry at UK Final,  I will be sharing the stage with Ms Samantha Mann and being horribly lovely to the contestants. Come along for the brilliantly crafted fun.

8:00 pm20:00

Betsey Trotwood Xmas All-Dayer

I'm very pleased to be sharing new work and old at this amazingly lovely annual get together. I'll be sharing the stage with Ross Sutherland and Francesca Beard! Thank you to Tim Wells for the invitation.

An annual poetic celebration at London's leading poetry pub. Doors open at 2pm and our bill of fare is -
3pm – Sarah Fletcher, Seraphima Kennedy, Flora de Falbe, Laurie Bolger
4pm – Francesca Beard, Kirsty Capes, Dominique Dunne, 
5pm – Bob Hill, Kim West, Melissa Lee-Houghton
6pm – Quiz
7pm – Bridget Minamore, The Bro’s Grim, Emily Harrison
8pm – Ross Sutherland, Vera Chok, Helen Mort

Full details here.

7:30 pm19:30

Anti-Slam Final

Seeing as I won the Oxford Anti-Slam, I'm going to be at the national finals at Hackney Attic, London. Hah. This is going to be fun. I mean, carnage. Book HERE.

7:00 pm19:00

Salena Godden's LIVEwire launch party

I am extremely chuffed to be doing a comedy spoken word spot at the magnificent Salena's album launch. Book  50% of the proceeds from ticket sales and all the raffle will be donated to the Refugee Community Kitchen, in order to aid their vital work in the Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps. 

Nymphs & Thugs presents...
- live spoken word from Salena Godden, Iona Lee poetry and Matt Abbott Poet
- live music from The Bundy Brothers and Gemma Rogers
- guest speakers from 'The Good Immigrant'
- guest DJ sets
- #LIVEwire awards ceremony
- #LIVEwire merchandise
- raffle for Refugee Community Kitchen

This is a celebration; a coming together, a poetry party, a meeting of minds and a chance to dance and share some love and positivity.

"A spoken word album that truly is electric." 5* The i Paper
"Everybody needs to hear #LIVEwire." PROWL HOUSE
"Godden is at the vanguard of this particular publishing moment." The Empathy Library
"Go see this girl - she's an angel in boxing gloves." Mike Garry - Poet

6:30 pm18:30

Archive to Blockbuster - Diversifying the Big Screen

Join the A2BFour at Senate House London for a dazzling night as we unite our research as black and minority ethnic historians with our love of cinema to bring you 'Archive to Blockbuster'!  We will pitch ideas for films, based on our original academic research, to a panel of industry experts and a public audience. Our pitches showcase the histories of black Britain, Guyana, India and Uganda and directly address the concerns of #OscarsSoWhite as we promote roles for black and minority ethnic professionals both in front and behind the camera.
Our panel, chaired by BBC presenter Ritula Shah consists of actor and writer Vera Chok, screenwriter and author Farrukh Dhondy, academic Dr Althea Legal-Miller and screenwriter and historian Mike Phillips 

This event is part of the University of London's hub programme, 'Ministry of hope and fear', for the Being Human festival.

Information here

7:00 pm19:00

Review Bookshop

I'll be reading and talking about The Good Immigrant alongside editor Nikesh Shukla, Daniel York and Varaidzo. Details here.

7:30 pm19:30

Paula Varjack's book launch

Pleased to be supporting Paula Varjack's book launch at Phoenix Artists Club. I'll be sharing the stage with these lovely lot: 

Rachel Mars
James Harris
Yuriko Kotani
Lydia Beardmore
Lewis C Barfoot

Details here.