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Show Me The Money

As part of artist Paula Varjack's run of Show Me The Money* at Camden People's Theatre, I've been invited to use a window at CPT as my studio for the day (10am - 5pm) - thank you Paula! I'll be working on my first stand-up routine. 

Are artists allowed to be funny? Are women funny? Immigrants ARE NOT funny!
If a joke is told behind glass walls and no one can hear it, is it still funny?
Yellow artist woman Vera will draft and test her first stand-up routine. 

From Paula:
"One of the the themes that came up in my research is how hard it is for artists to find affordable and practical studio space, and the curiosity non-artists have about what we actually do all day. So I had an idea. 
Can you rehearse? Devise? Hold meetings?, do vocal warm ups? Physical warm ups? Dance? Film? Design? Draw? Write? Compose? Do you ignore the outside world? Do you watch them? Do they influence your work? Do you not notice them at all ?
What would you do with your studio day? Whatever you do for the day I want it to be a day dedicated to your practice."

Programme for the week: Vera Chok, Keith Jay (11th), Anna Beecher, Kat Buchanon (12th), Maddie Godfrey, Debbie Kent (13th), Dan Simpson (14th), Antosh Wojcik, Lydia Beardmore (15th).

*Show Me The Money is a multimedia performance exploring how anyone can afford to be creative in these times of austerity. This show raises questions about the value of art and explores financial precariousness, how the money we do and don’t make relates to how we can and can’t plan for the future. By looking at how the dreams we have when we are younger can change and be affected by challenges in making a living, it has a resonance beyond the artist community as well.

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