Actor, Writer & Performance Maker

Vera co-authored The Good Immigrant (Book of the Year 2016, BBC Book of the Week, #1 on Guardian Books and #1 on Amazon bestseller list).

Vera has also been published by the Guardian, Brain Mill Press, Transect, Rising, Yauatcha Life, Hakkasan, and The Brautigan Free Press. She is currently working on two major projects for 2017 and will be appearing at various literature festivals and events to read her work.

Selected press for The Good Immigrant:

It's precisely those of us who can afford not to mind very much, those who might at first think this book is not about us, who should read it - Spectator

An important, timely read - JK Rowling

The Good Immigrant is a lively and vital intervention into the British cultural conversation around race. Instead of statistics and dogma we find real human experience and impassioned argument - and it's funny and moving too. A must read! - Zadie Smith

The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes brutal, always honest...if I could, I'd push a copy of this through the letter box of every front door in Britain - Independent

We should recognise both the courage that has been shown in producing these essays and the contradictions that necessarily exist across them...The Good Immigrant helps to open up a much-needed space of unflinching dialogue about race and racism in the UK - Guardian

To say the publication of The Good Immigrant has come at a good time would be an understatement...If 2016 has left you feeling helpless, desperately wondering what you can do to repair the damage of anti-immigration rhetoric, then reading it would be a good place to start: it leaves you feeling armed with empathy - Vice